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When our client in the USA needed help resolving an online advertising dispute in the UK we called Adlex Solicitors. Adam provided high quality, practical, legal counsel. He was able to quickly digest the complex technology issues and help us navigate the unfamiliar UK legal landscape to achieve a favorable resolution.

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Online dispute - introduction

There seems no end to the kind of website dispute in which a UK business can become involved these days. This is perhaps an inevitable by-product of the vast amount of commercial activity now taking place on the internet. As well as domain name disputes and internet defamation, these can involve the following:

Copyright website dispute

One ubiquitous type of website dispute concerns copyright infringement. It is tempting and very easy to copy material from other peoples' websites. Website lawyers will see everything ranging from virtual 100% carbon copies of our clients' websites (usually fraud-related) to say copying of just the look and feel, or maybe some text or images from the website. See online copyright infringement for more about online litigation involving copying from websites and other online sources.

Trade mark disputes

Online disputes frequently involve trademarks and passing off. In simple terms, this kind of internet dispute denotes misuse of someone else's name or otherwise trying to give an impression that one is commercially associated with someone else. Examples include misuse of a competitor's name in the content or "meta" text of the website itself as well as use of competitor names as keywords or in advertisements in Google Adwords. See internet trade mark infringement for more about this category of internet dispute.

Developer website disputes

Another common form of online litigation encountered by internet solicitors is the website dispute between web developer and client. Typically, the client is dissatisfied with the quality of the website or the delay in producing it and refuses to pay. The developer often retaliates by taking or keeping control of the domain name and/or website code. (See also web design contracts.)

Advertising online disputes

We encounter a variety of advertising-related online litigation. For example, we were involved in one advertising online dispute where an internet advertising provider objected to the "quality" of the traffic supplied by the publisher. Sometimes we deal with complaints by competitors or others to the Advertising Standards Authority concerning the content of an online advertisement.

SEO internet disputes

Then there are complaints by SEO customers who are unhappy with the results achieved by their SEO provider and want to escape from their contracts and/or obtain compensation. (See also SEO contracts.)

Developing an internet dispute strategy

Whatever the type of dispute, it is crucial to start out with a strategy for resolution of your online dispute: What do you want to achieve and how are you going to achieve it? Do you have any leverage aside from threatening litigation?

In some kinds of dispute (eg defamation, copyright and trade mark), unmasking infringers who want to stay anonymous can help. There are various tools which can be used to uncover identities. Preserving evidence of infringement is also important part of a website dispute strategy.

In any case, the overriding objective should be to try and achieve the desired outcome without going to court. Starting legal proceedings should be a last resort as it is risky and costly.

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