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Having worked with Adam Taylor very closely for the last three years I have found him to be thorough yet pragmatic, knowledgeable and very commercially aware. I have worked with him on a variety of different types of internet-related legal contracts ranging from payment service provider contracts to marketing agreements. He is always fast to respond and quickly picks up on potential issues and concerns. Working with Adam is an absolute pleasure and the results have always been more than satisfactory.

Simon Seefeldt, Head of Business Development, Jagex Ltd (RuneScape and other online computer games)

Jagex Ltd

We've used Adlex Solicitors for many projects and would regard them as a key component of our business - one that we could not be without. We feel fully supported, extremely comfortable and confident in Adlex dealing with all aspects of our legal requirements and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Derek Holder, El Bebe Productions Ltd

El Bebe Productions Ltd

What is a "website contract"?

By a website contract, we simply mean a contract or agreement which relates in some way to the operation of a website. Aside from perhaps the most obvious - website terms and conditions and web developer contracts - we advise on a whole range of other internet contracts including the following:

White label internet contracts

For many of our ecommerce clients, partnering with other internet businesses in white label or "co-branding" contracts is a critical part of their business model. See white label contracts.

Website hosting contracts

Website hosting and co-location agreements are another important form of web contract. See website hosting contracts.

Internet advertising, marketing and affiliate contracts

We often advise on the legal side of internet advertising, marketing and affiliate contracts. Such internet contracts can vary in complexity, ranging from simple insertion orders to more complicated advertising representation agreements or affiliate deals. Amongst the many issues which can arise are the allocation of liability for unlawful or infringing ad content and ensuring that payment arrangements (PPC, CPM, CPA etc) are clearly expressed.

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