International domain name disputes

Most countries have now set up domain name arbitration schemes enabling recovery of domain names without going to court - provided the complainant proves the required elements under the applicable policy.

Many of these procedures are similar to, or least based on, the UDRP, originally set up by ICANN to cover gTLD domain names (eg .com, .org, .net, etc).

WIPO has been accredited as a provider for some of these systems. In other cases, the domain dispute claims have to be filed through a local domain dispute resolution body.

We often file domain recovery cases in other countries. For example, we have won domain name dispute arbitration cases in Australia (, Belgium (.be), Denmark (.dk), Ireland (.ie), India (.in), New Zealand (.nz), Poland (.pl), Spain (.es), Taiwan (.tw) and United States (.us) as well as via ADR for .eu domain names. In fact we have handled one of only two appeals which have ever been filed under the New Zealand Dispute Resolution Service.

We have successfully recovered domain names in other countries including: Canada (.ca), Brazil (, Germany (.de), Greece (.gr), Italy (.it), Mexico (, Netherlands (.nl), Norway (.no), Russia (.ru) and Sweden (.se).

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